Borewell Water Testing

Borewell Water Testing is the analysis of the water quality for domestic consumption or industrial use against set parameters for your safety. Borewell Water test is done as it is groundwater which has a higher chance of being polluted with mud, metals and such elements. Consumption of polluted groundwater with high rate of nitrates can cause breathing problems, acidity being the first sign of consumption of polluted water. Heavy metals found in the water meant for construction can interfere in binding properties of the materials, weakening the structure.

Bore water should never be used for drinking, cooking, watering edible plants or filling up swimming pools unless it has been tested properly. Testing against the parameters such as pH, Total alkalinity, Total Hardness, Odour, Colour, Silica and Microbial Parameter Such as E.coli, Coliform etc. There are many other parameters that the water sample is tested against. This help to know the quality of water and avoid any damage to the health of the people.

Groundwater levels have not only steadily gone down 200 to 300 metres in many places but may be getting heavily contaminated. The Department of Mines and Geology, which takes samples across the city and regularly tests them and residents association who periodically get water samples tested, have found the concentration of nitrates on the increase.

In most of the apartment complexes, water purifiers in individual flats are the norm. In some of the ongoing residential developments, the promoters have planned for a central water purifying plant in addition to recycling plants for water to be used for no drinking purposes. According to geologists, one reason why groundwater is getting more contaminated is because the underground aquifers are getting polluted from leaking drains. In the outer suburbs, ammonia and nitrate-based fertilisers used in nearby farms may be polluting the water too.

We conduct the water quality assessment to measure concentration of the constituents in quantity for characterization of water for different uses. The Bureau of Indian Standards has defined different purification levels of water for different uses and our company follows strict guidelines set up by the BIS. We have experienced teams working in different laboratories on multiple locations serving various clients by offering them the best of our services.