Borewell Point Identification

Borewell is one of the important factors in prior to construction of any site or plantation of any kind of crop as water is the major source for whatever required. For construction of a Borewell there are few steps to be followed which runs one behind the other and the initial step is to locate the water source and people pronounce this process in various ways such as borewell point marking, Borewell point identification, borewell point selection, borewell point detection, water dowsing, divining, water witching, hydro-geologist survey, geologist survey, scientific survey, coconut borewell point marking and many other pseudo names.

But borewell point identification is widely divided into two major methods which are differentiated as scientific method and pseudoscientific method.

Scientific borewell point identifications are most of the time carried out by profession geologists or geo-scientists. The charges and type of survey will be allotted by the geoscientist based on the geological condition of a particular area and the technology induced. Some of the best methods of scientific bore well point detection are been selected by our expert prospecting professionals which can economically favor the customer and also produce high accuracy in field selection.

Detecting a station based on ancient practices and beliefs without any kind of relationship or evidences of science is called pseudoscientific borewell point exploration. But there are chances of both success and failure in pseudoscientific surveys. There are many methods followed as per pseudoscience based on their beliefs, any professional practicing these services are addressed as water diviner or water dowser

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