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With the latest borewell drilling technology for the borewell drilling service and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Lakshmi Borewell has been the No. 1 Borewell Drilling Company when it comes to Borewell drilling service in Bangalore.

What are the steps in Borewell drilling in Electronic City ,Bangalore?

  •  Borewell Groundwater survey
  •  Borewell Point Identification
  •  Borewell Drilling

Borewell Groundwater Survey

How to detect underground water for borewell drilling in Electronic City ,Bangalore?

The permeable layers beneath the underground will help us detect the water content below the ground. Presence of Groundwater depends on the topography, soil condition, fauna and geological location.Professional Geologists of  Sri Lakshmi Borewell have excellent knowledge and understanding the Geology of the earth’s surface, the climatic conditions and then the sources of underground water. The source of underground water can be from lakes, rivers or streams.

Seismic activity or electrical resistivity methods are commonly applied to check the rock formation below the ground and the underground water content.

Borewell Point Identification

Borewell point identification can be done with the traditional method as well as the scientific method. The borewell point identification is well-known with other terms such as borewell point marking, borewell point selection, geologist survey, borewell drilling point, coconut borewell point marking system and other such terms

How Groundwater Survey is Performed for Borewell Drilling Point Identification in Electronic City ,Bangalore?

  •  Water dowsing method is used to identify the underground water which makes use of Y shaped stick, coconuts, pendulum and other devices. We add on to hydrologic surveys to determine the depth and extent of different water bearing
  •  We identify the structural weaknesses of the earth’s surface by geophysical surveys involving airborne electromagnetic or seismic refraction methods. In certain cases, we map the topography and identify permeable layers.
  •  Other scientific methods that are used for borewell point identification include vertical electrical sounding, electromagnetic induction survey, gravity sensing method, electro-seismic method, proton magnetometer groundwater inspection, etc

Borewell Drilling | Sri Lakshmi  Borewells Electronic City ,Bangalore

After the groundwater survey and the borewell point identification process, we now proceed to Borewell Drilling work. Sri Lakshmi  Borewells team of borewell experts have been working in the borewell industry for more than three decades and found exact borewell point with continuous groundwater supply for more than 40,000 customers in and around Bangalore.

Borewell drilling methods can be well-categorized based on the borewell drilling machines. Depending on the purpose of borewell drilling work and the soil and rock formation of the ground on which borewell drilling work has to be done, the borewell team decides on the drilling method.

Borewell drilling method

Borewell drilling method is decided based on the water source – whether it’s a pressurized or unpressurized source of water. The casing of the pipe also decides about the type of borewell drilling – whether water well or tubewell.

Borewell drilling process involves main use of motor and a pump inside a pipe. This pipe is drilled up to the level of underground water. Now the discharge pipe of pump and electrical connections to it are brought up to the ground level. Now when motor starts to operate, this pushes the underground water to the water tank level above the ground. This quality borewell water is used for various water requirements.