Sri Lakshmi  Borewell is a leading in single unit borewell drilling service association covering range of borewell services including industrial, residential, commercial, agricultural, household, municipal applications, constructions and others Borewell drilling association to up bring borewell drilling, borewell cleaning ,borewell recharging borewell flushing at reasonable prize from various experienced borewell operators across Indian Plat form to give you borewell quotation online which includes borewell drilling cost,welding,casing,filter .. etc drilling specialists in 41/2”, 6”,61\2 “, 7’’,71/2 giving output water from 1 inch to 7.5 inch so on across. Calyx Drilling is done by high powered air compressor generating more than 120 pounds per square inch (psi) of air pressure. DTH rigs can drill a 4 to 6 inch diameter borehole up to 200 feet depth within 24 – 48 hours of operation.           

We can understand all of these if we share stories & information about our wells, borewells, how we use our water and how we throw our wastewater. Our individual stories are small pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. When we put all of it together – with the help of hydrogeology, the science of groundwater – we get a complete picture of our aquifer. Like none of us are owners of a river or a lake we don’t own our aquifers either. It is our common resource – we can’t see it but we can map it and answer many of our questions to collectively manage it.